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Hospice Services

Our staff, healthcare professionals, and volunteers provide our patients with compassionate hospice care in United States. We give health care, psychological care, and support to people who have life-limiting diseases. Our goal is to help these patients have peace of mind, comfort, and control of the pain and other symptoms.


Visiting Hospice Nurse

Our skilled and compassionate hospice nurses give support to patients and their family members


Hospice Care Coordination

Our coordinated hospice services are tailored according to the needs of the hospice patient.


Bereavement Support

Our bereavement support helps people go through the difficulties of experiencing loss and grief.


Medical Director and the Patient's Physician

Our medical director will work closely with the patient’s physician to ensure appropriate services.

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Social Workers

Our hospice and palliative social workers coordinate with services that enable patients to receive the best possible hospice and palliative care.

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Our hospice chaplains are medical professionals who plan, assess, and care for our patient’s spiritual needs.



Our volunteers are highly trained helping to create a friendly, homey, and caring atmosphere for patients in hospice and palliative care.


Home Health Aides

Our home health aides are trained to provide personal care to patients in their home environment.


On Call Service

Our on-call hospice service at Kattleya Hospice Care provides support for our patients and their families. 

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